Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is common, expensive to treat, and associated with high mortality [1-4]. Within the field of cardiac surgery, a staggering 30% of patients develop AKI, with significant negative outcomes [1-5]. In the most severe cases, AKI can progress to overt renal failure and dialysis; however, even mild AKI sharply increases the risk of 30-day mortality and long-term progression to chronic kidney disease (CKD) [6]. Although recent research on renal biomarkers has shown promise in diagnosing AKI progression, no tests or models are currently available to effectively identify patients at risk for AKI initiation. If these at-risk patients could be accurately identified prior to surgery, preoperative and perioperative procedures could be modified to minimize the risk of AKI. Such risk minimization is particularly important since there are no pharmacologic therapies available for the effective prevention or treatment of AKI.

Utilizing our proprietary molecular age-based technology, HealthSpan Dx has developed AKI-Sapere, a multivariate molecular assay that can prognostically, prior to coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery, successfully stratify patients for risk of AKI initiation. AKI-Sapere discovery and clinical utility data will be presented at the AKI & CRRT 2018 conference as a selected short talk and a poster.

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