HealthSpan DX is seeking partnerships with clinicians, pharma companies, and academic researchers that would benefit from our expertise in developing, testing, and analyzing robust, cost-efficient assays to assess patient risk using biomarkers, particularly aging biomarkers such as p16INK4A/p14ARF (see Technology). Our proprietary, analytically validated platform technology would be highly beneficial in a wide variety of settings, including:

Drug Discovery/Clinical Trials
HealthSpan DX welcomes the opportunity to develop:
• Risk-stratification tools for patient enrollment – Clinical trials often enrich for low-frequency outcomes by recruiting high-risk patients, which are infrequent and possibly too sick to benefit from therapies. In contrast, a HealthSpan blood test would more accurately identify a larger number of at-risk patients, including lower-risk patients that would be missed by current enrichment strategies but are more representative of the target population. Thus a HealthSpan enrollment tool would more allow quicker, cheaper and more successful clinical trials.

• Assays to accurately quantitate negative outcomes like treatment-induced aging – Emerging research shows that many therapeutics, like chemotherapy agents, cause patients to age prematurely. A HealthSpan blood test could be used after treatment to quantitate such aging, and thereby distinguish which treatments are less “aging”.

Clinical settings
In addition to risk stratification for acute kidney injury in a cardiovascular surgery setting, HealthSpan DX is actively exploring how a patient’s molecular age can be utilized in other clinical or surgical procedures and diseases to improve patient outcomes. Areas of current interest include (but are not limited to):
• Oncology: risk for negative responses to chemotherapy, effects on aging
• Neurology: risk for stroke or cognitive decline following surgery

HealthSpan Dx is committed to producing high quality products that improve patient health, by giving clinicians accurate information needed to make molecularly-informed treatment decisions, and by facilitating clinical research.

Reasons to work with HealthSpan DX:
RELIABLE – We have analytically validated that our assays have excellent precision and reproducibility, employing state of the art liquid handling and qPCR instrumentation. Every step of each assay is carefully controlled to flag errors, with build-in quality control parameters. Thus our tests meet or exceed current standards for clinical laboratories.
FAST– Data delivered within a few days of sample arrival.
COST EFFECTIVE– Prices are based upon individual needs but will be cheaper than pricing for more complex assays like telomere and DNA methylation testing.
CUSTOMIZABLE – HealthSpan DX is not just experienced in processing one assay, but in developing a multi-variate risk-prediction model, which can be customized to the desired goal. HealthSpan has expertise in testing biomarkers, organizing clinical trials, and analyzing complex biostatistical data sets to develop the optimal risk-assessment model.

HealthSpan Dx provides an exceptional team of dedicated experts focused on providing exceptional products, to assist in providing personalized medical care to an aging population. This precision medicine approach will result in reduced hospital time and cost for treating adverse outcomes, and improved healthcare in a complex patient population.