HealthSpan Dx is seeking partnerships with clinicians, pharma companies, and academic researchers that would benefit from our expertise in developing assays that incorporate molecular age measurements to uncover patient risk.

HealthSpan Dx welcomes the opportunity to develop:

  • Assays to identify patients at risk for adverse cardiac, renal, and neurological events in a variety of clinical scenarios. Our technology ca be used to uncover patients with accelerated aging profiles that could be at risk for a number of adverse events, ICU admission, and death. These patients cannot be identified by traditional methods of relying on chronological age and co-morbidities and would be missed during clinical assessment.


  • Assays to accurately assess treatment-related changes in aging– Emerging research shows that treatments, like some chemotherapy agents, accelerate aging. A HealthSpan blood test could be used to identify treatments that are efficacious but do not accelerate aging to better match patients to curative therapies while minimizing adverse events.


  • Risk-stratification tools for patient enrollment – Clinical trials often enrich for low-frequency outcomes by recruiting high-risk patients, which are infrequent and possibly too sick to benefit from therapies. In contrast, a HealthSpan blood test would more accurately identify a larger number of at-risk patients, including lower-risk patients that would be missed by current enrichment strategies but are more representative of the target population. Thus, a HealthSpan enrollment tool would more allow for a better patient selection, quicker enrollment at fewer clinical sites, and more successful clinical trials.

HealthSpan Dx assembled an exceptional team of dedicated experts focused on providing diagnostic assays based on solid scientific and clinical evidence to assist in providing personalized medical care to an aging population. This precision medicine approach will result in better patient ourcomes, reduced hospitalization and treatment costs in a complex patient population.

What to expect working with us?

EXPERTISE– Our knowledge of biomarkers of aging and unparalleled expertise of our founders and the scientific team.

RELIABLE TESTING– Analytically validated assays performed on a state of the art instrumentation. Internal and external quality controls at every step.

FAST TURN AROUND– State of the art automation, capacity to process large numbers of samples.

CUSTOMIZABLE RISK PREDICTION– Our assays are customizable for every indication to couple molecular age with other biomarkers to improve risk prediction model performance. HealthSpan Dx has expertise in testing biomarkers, organizing clinical trials, and analyzing complex biostatistical data sets to develop the optimal risk-assessment model.